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Digital Management, Web strategy, methodology, technology and project and organizational roles and responsibilities. Governance models, technology and IT, Management, Concept and Idea, SCRUM. SAP Netweaver Portal, Microsoft SharePoint, SAP frontend technologies, SAP Web technologies, Lead architect on Web solutions, eBusiness, User Productivity. Entrepreneur, Lighthouse, Spider and chaos-pilot.

About one of my projects:

We, at SAP, find the SAP NetWeaver Portal implementation at Vestas as a unique combination of bright vision and up-to-date technology, which brings unique value to Vestas' brand. This brought us to invite Vestas to film together, a short movie about the portal implementation and share with the SAP community how SAP technology supported Vestas' business to drive better results. Thank you Thomas for taking the time to work with us on this movie. - Aviad Rivlin, SAP NetWeaver Portal Product Manager.